Increasingly distinct political divisions in the European Parliament

  • In the votes

    An analysis of the votes reveals that increasingly there are greater political differences that go hand in hand with a partisan approach, notably with regard to subjects affecting the economy or the "area of freedom, security and justice."

    Hence three types of vote typify the term in office 2004-2009:

    -   the vote on the so-called "Bolkestein" Directive which referred to the liberalisation of "services within the internal market";

    -   the vote on the "Reach" regulation which plans for the identification and registration of chemical substances used by European industry;

    -   the vote on the so-called "Return" Directive, which notably aims to harmonise the conditions in which the return of illegal immigrants in the EU to their home country are set out.

  • In the party manifestos

    An analysis of the electoral programmes of the European political parties shows that a left/right divide is slowly developing and that an ideological, partisan polarisation is steadily structuring the community's political arena.

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