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Pre-electoral survey - First wave, TNS Opinion (25th May 2009).

Eurobarometer surveys

The 2009 European Elections (Apr 2009)

European Attitudes before the European Election (Feb 2009)

European Elections 2009: European Expectations (Jan 2009)

Survey "One People 2009"

From 4th to 7th June nearly 500 million Europeans are being called to ballot to elect their MEPs. On this occasion the Robert Schuman Foundation, the Foundation for Political Innovation, the Konrad Adenauer Foundation and the Centre for European Studies asked TNS-Sofres to undertake an opinion poll amongst 15,130 Europeans with regard to their perceptions and expectations of the European Parliament.

Just three weeks before the European elections the Foundation for Political Innovation has published in partnership with the Figaro, the Robert Schuman Foundation and the Konrad Adenauer Foundation the survey results. It does not focus on voting intentions but on the issues at stake, the choices they are prepared to make and even in areas in which they want to see the Union increase its work.

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